HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the World Wide Web’s fundamental markup language. It has grown over time and now serves as a viable alternative to Flash for creating and developing eLearning courses.

HTML5 allows you to directly integrate multimedia objects into the code, making them responsive on mobile devices. This makes it simple to create courses with these tools and post them to HTML5.

If you wish to convert a Flash-based course to HTML5, we can do that for you while keeping the budget and deadline in mind.

Key Features


Interactive & structured content


Content is responsive & user friendly


Legacy flash content to HTML5 conversion


The delivered content is SCORM Compliant


Mobile Compatibility

Converting Flash-based courses to HTML5 ensures responsiveness and compatibility with a wide range of platforms, including laptops, desktops, mobile devices, and tablets which was not possible with Flash.

Increased Interactivity

HTML5 can substitute Flash’s limited interactivity with dynamic, interactive eLearning courses. This can increase learner engagement and provide a better eLearning experience.

Easy Language Translation

As we strive to create courses that are compatible with our users, it is also critical that they be able to access the courses in their native language.

Security Issues

Flash was prone to serious security flaws such as bugs and malware. It had a long history of security flaws and problems. HTML5 has been updated to include security measures to combat potential threats.