We make eLearning courses fun and motivating with our gamification strategy!

We strive to create game-based learning experiences that will engage learners while also improving their performance and productivity.

We combine gamified elements with instructional design to provide real-world context for learning, allowing your employees to learn in a safe environment. 

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Key Features


Progressing to
next levels


Challenges & Leaderboards


Time Constraints & Badges




Improved Learning Experience

If the level of engagement is high, the learner can have fun while still learning. A good gamification strategy combined with high levels of engagement will increase recall and retention.

Better learning environment

Gamification in eLearning creates an effective learning environment that allows learners to practice real-life situations and challenges in a safe setting. This results in a more motivated learning experience that promotes knowledge retention.

Behavioral modification

Points, badges, and leaderboards would undoubtedly improve training. When combined with the psychological principles of repeated retrieval and spaced repetition, gamification can drive significant behavioural change.

Prompt Feedback

It gives learners immediate feedback so they know what they know or should know. This promotes better learner engagement.